A book cloud

delicious.pngMy marketing colleague Andy Havens suggested that we think about making the Top 1000 works in Worldcat list that we did a while ago visible in del.icio.us. My research colleague Andy Houghton looked into it and here is the result.
The list is findable by ISBN, OCLC number, language, genre and time period.
Here are books from the list from the 17th century.
Here are poetry books from the list.
And here are books in Latin.
And here are search results on “latin st benedict” which shows a book among some other resources.
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3 thoughts on “A book cloud”

  1. This is sort of off topic but looking at this list there is probably a bias towards US library holdings although I know Worldcat has good coverage of other countries as well.
    I would like to see a table of the number of holdings in Worldcat broken down by country of location. This could be adjusted with population size (or other metrics) and used to give a sense of how well represented each country is in the catalog currently.

  2. Further to my previous post, if you filtered the top 1000 for titles written in the 20th and 21st centuries, what percentage would have been written by someone outside of the UK or the US?

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