A laser like focus

lorcan_small.pngSeveral people at Access 2005 asked me how I found time to do blogging. The answer is simple: a laser like focus and disciplined multitasking …
It was my birthday on Wednesday. The folks at Access kindly presented me with a cake after I spoke!
I celebrated on my return. The picture shows the birthday card I got from my daughter Eavan. It shows what she claims is my typical posture: lying on the couch with my laptop, reading the paper, and watching TV – all at the same time! Out of the mouths of ….

2 thoughts on “A laser like focus”

  1. Happy birthday, Lorcan!
    Glad to see I can now prove to my wife that I’m not the only one who watches two screens (laptop, TV) simultaneously. To multi-tasking! –Steve

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