Beyond actually existing Institutional Repositories …

Repositories and Web 2.0 discusses the relative merits of existing institutional repositories and putative network level shared repositories which provide more incentives for depositers. It continues an argument in favor of network level shared repositories that Andy Powell has been making for a while.
Andy has made the presentation available on Slideshare, and Slideshare is one of the repository models he suggests in the talk.

The presentation was given at the Talis Xiphos Research Day, and Andy also liveblogged other talks at the event.
Update: I find Slideshare a good place to look for pointers when I am wondering about current issues. Presentations are often elliptical, but are also current.

3 thoughts on “Beyond actually existing Institutional Repositories …”

  1. Interesting and very positive presentation – need to make these more influential.
    For some time (years) I thought that institutional repositories as a goal were positive for the then existing technology and web framework, but it is leading into the usual “local” content trap.
    Not being a techy,, my interest is more in the problematic of changing locally focused institutional cultures to network sharing culture for digital repositories.
    It is why when I hear “institutional repository” I worry (not too much any more).

  2. I just came across a post on the Federated Search blog
    which I think is of interest in this context. The post describes a paper from Google describing their research on surfacing structured data in the ‘deep web’. The paper prompts thinking about surfacing repository content at the network level. In particular issues around creating domain specific silos ( or ‘destinations’) for academic repository content – which might not have the draw of flickr!

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