One thought on “Border country again”

  1. Some interesting perceptions in your presentation. It’s just cost me the morning though…

    The only service I hadn’t used in your big diagram of services was 43 Things. Gave it a go and knew within 5 seconds it would be compulsive.

    It’s one of those services that whatever you click or try, you find something rewarding or interesting. Even doing nothing except hitting reload to bring up another tag cloud of peoples goals is involving.

    The simplicity of the Flickr-like URLs is good as well. My other half is also using it in the next room, and instead of shouting out “try entering own a cat” I can just shout out “5732”.

    Mmmm; bit surprised at how many people want to see the Northern Lights. Well worth it; we have them over Berneray at times and everyone rings each other and goes outside to watch. We have a feed on the home page of the island website to give us some warning of the event.

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