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Providing service at the point of need is a growing emphasis for service providers on the network. Why is there not a searchbox for the library catalog available on every library homepage? It would be nice to have it elsewhere also, but surely it should be at least be very visible on the library’s own website.

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  1. The National Library of Australia provides a simple search box on its home page.
    In a single search, content matching the search criteria is drawn from our digital collections, the National Library’s catalogue, and our Web site. They are delineated for further searching.
    But is there a wider question regarding the need to remember the National Library’s URL ? How many locations should people have to remember ? Does the public need to search both its own public library’s Web site as well as its national library one (albeit local to some) ?
    Sometimes universities do have a search function on their home pages, but often it is necessary to search for the word library, as there is no explicit link to the library’s services. By adding a catalogue search box to the home page, at least the undergraduate/ecuator/researcher would only need to remember one URL.

  2. Regarding the ability to search the catalog on every page of the website to Minneapolis Public Library…You will! We are expecting to launch our new website early 2005 with that very ability.
    Karen Louise Boothe
    Communications/Marketing Manager
    Mpls Public Library

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