Coins magic

qq.pngI installed LibX a while ago to see what it is like. Every now and again it pops up an icon – what it calls a ‘cue’ – on a page where it thinks it is appropriate to link to Virginia Tech resources (it can be adapted to link to resources at other institutions). Quite nifty really, especially if I were a member of the VT constituency.
A little while ago I was looking through RSS feeds (I use the Firefox extension Sage), and lo and behold I saw the VT cue in several places on the feed from Qu�dam cuiusdam, Peter Binkley’s blog.
Peter has embedded Coins in his pages. LibX recognizes the Coins and acts on them to bring the user into the VT resolver and onwards to the catalog.
Magic …. This is a nice illustration of something still quite new.

2 thoughts on “Coins magic”

  1. Regarding: “especially if I were a member of the VT constituency”

    We could without difficulty create an edition that would point the user at OCLC’s registry redirector.

    It’s not clear how much progress this service is making, and under what conditions it will be provided.

    A quick glance at that page reveals that you want libraries to submit their IP ranges and information about their OpenURL resolvers using a XML format you define; this will make it hard to get this service adopted.

    I’d recommend you piggyback on some service for which the library already provides IP ranges; and that you ask for no more than the OpenURL’s resolver Base URL.

  2. The registry is in alpha as we work with the community to determine how they would like to use the service. Your input is helping it move it forward.
    As far as the submission of IP ranges, we seeded the registry with about 1100 IP ranges to 850 resolver base urls from the FirstSearch service (is that what you mean by piggyback on some service?). About 50 more base urls have been added through the web form. We are looking at updating from many sources… direct to our web form, through XML imports, web services interface to UI developers, etc. We definitely don’t want to lock this into a specific UI presentation from one service provider, including OCLC.

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