Compare bibliographic resources

I notice that the new JISC Collections service has made available an “academic database assessment tool” to help libraries as they make choices about A&I and related services.

This database assessment site aims to help libraries to make informed decisions about future subscriptions to bibliographic databases.
  • The site provides access to detailed information and title lists for 15 major bibliographic and citation databases, and key service information for 8 major content platforms.
  • In each case the information provided has been sourced directly from the relevant suppliers and is presented here as a resource to assist librarians in their purchasing decisions.
  • The site provides functionality to compare databases automatically. Any combination of databases can be selected in order to generate lists of overlapping and unique titles.

[JISC – Compare Bibliographic and Citation Databases]

Incidentally, JISC has also overhauled its website since the last time I looked.

One thought on “Compare bibliographic resources”

  1. Interesting and fortunately not subscription-based – but not quite extensive enough to be a real alternative to Electronic Resource Magement Systems like Verde (Exlibris), ERMS (ProQuest) or USAS (CSA), is it?
    But on the whole a very praiseworthy trend towards deeper analysis – you’re doing great work that way at OCLC (e.g. ‘Last Copies – what’s at risk?’) Thanks a lot for all the interesting blogs!

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