nautilus80.jpgEvery now and again I take a look at the MIT website. It is always interesting. For those that don’t know, it changes based on a user contributed idea.

The MIT spotlights answer the question, “What interesting and wonderful things are happening at MIT?” The spotlight images and headlines change frequently in order to integrate and showcase a multitude of aspects of MIT. [MIT – past spotlights]

More recently, UCL renovated its web presence. And it now includes images, UCL Views, which are “curiosities, passions, investigations and imaginings of the UCL community”. As I write, it is cycling through images from the Grant Museum of Zoology at UCL.
In each case, I thought the website was making a connection, both with its own community and between that community and other visitors.

One thought on “Engagement”

  1. Almost the same, this institution changes part of its banner to highlight achievements, etc on a regular basis for a similar purpose.
    The images again are ideas that come from staff and students

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