Hot air … thoughts from a blog bore

I fear that I am becoming a blog bore!
At work, I find myself often wanting to say, and sometimes actually saying, “as I said in my blog entry the other day …”. Now, I am a bit self-conscious about this. If I don’t say anything, and somebody has read the blog entry, they may think that I am repeating myself as I enter my dotage. If I do say something, and they have not read the blog entry (surprisingly … not all my colleagues read the blog ;-), they may feel I am puffing myself up a little. What to do ….?
Now, seriously, it is not unreasonable to be in this position. A blog is a place to lodge ideas and once they have been externalized it is natural to want to refer to them. A blog entry can be easily referenced; it is a way of giving an idea a URL.
A blog is an addressable idea repository: AIR. Hot air, even …..
For a more worked out view, see this interesting post from my colleague Jeff Young.

2 thoughts on “Hot air … thoughts from a blog bore”

  1. Slightly at a tangent – and notwithstanding the smiley in your text – I think there’s an interesting point here about the status of a blog within one’s own instutition or organisation. Is it the equivalent of a conversation over coffee, to which only a few colleagues are privy (i.e. an informal means of communication), or is it closer to the sort of thing one would say at a staff meeting (i.e. more formal)? To what extent is it reasonable for a manager to have expected his/her staff to read the manager’s blog? Although mostly intended, I suspect, for *external* consumption, it does nevertheless reflect the way the manager’s thinking is going on topics so is relevant internally too. Basic question is whether it should have any “status” internally, or whether you then need to repeat everything that might be relevant in a more formal setting.

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