Hotels in the network age: an early Friday afternoon thought

Think about conferences in those big rooms with disco balls or chandaliers, with makeshift screens, projectors on trollies, ugly lines of stuck down cable, shiny curtains, and so on.
Or simple things like not having sockets beside desks in the rooms, or taking it up a level, not having worked out network access.
I find myself becoming more aware of the mismatch between what is said at conferences (ubiquitous this, pervasive that) and the hotel environs in which it is being said.
You can probably tell that I have been doing too much travel recently 😉

2 thoughts on “Hotels in the network age: an early Friday afternoon thought”

  1. No, I was actually thinking that you just got the same email as me soliciting survey feedback from the recent CIL conference. :)

  2. Nope, you’re speaking truth. I also notice a big difference between library conferences and the world Out There, and that glooms me up but good.

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