I can’t get no …

Satisficing is a term associated with Herbert Simon, which refers to activity which aims to achieve a good enough end, not necessarily the best end.
There do not seem to be corresponding nouns. Here are two suggestions, which can be used depending on perspective 😉

  • satisfiction
  • satisvictory

One thought on “I can’t get no …”

  1. I’m somewhat of a fan of this term, although I’m not as brave as you to try to figure out appropriate noun constructions. I used it in my column where I talked about what I called the “convenience catastrophe”.

    The idea is that since library patrons are human, and therefore “satisfice”, our print collections which are both difficult to locate and use compared to digital material would effectively begin to disappear from the view of our users. I then posit that some of the things we could do in response is to provide more information about our print collections, which I’m gratified to see OCLC and others doing. If that’s a satisvictory, then so be it.

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