Link traffic – the top 1000

I spoke [ppt] about our Top 1000 list at the Reading 2.0 meeting where it was picked up and blogged by Tim O’Reilly. This gave it considerable exposure. See the spike in traffic centred on 3/17. It was picked up in several places, including in a short post on Boing Boing. See the major spike centred on 3/22.
I am doing a note on this as I think it is interesting to see the impact of a link from a heavily trafficked site.
This is showing ‘page visits’ – a WebTrends expression for the number of visits during which a page was viewed (it might be viewed more than once in a visit).

2 thoughts on “Link traffic – the top 1000”

  1. A peak like that is prominent and gratifying (for a content creator…) perhaps more interesting, but somewhat obscured by the peak, is whether post-peak volume is greater for a sustained period. looks like it went from under 50 to several hundred a day…Interesting to see how long accesses stay high.

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