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ou.gifThe Open University has one of the best logos I know. It does actually communicate something about the institution. And as an institution it is a significant achievement.
At one time, TV programs were a major way the OU delivered courses. And for people of my generation, the off-peak OU programming was very much a part of our television experience. Prompted by Tony Hirst, I had a look on YouTube and it just seemed like yesterday …..
Here is the real thing:

And here is a pretty good spoof by Fry and Laurie (yes, that is the Laurie now to be seen in House). Look past the intro:

Aside: I was interested to see the fancy – Apple-inspired? – presentation of related videos in the YouTube window at the end of the clips.

2 thoughts on “Open University”

  1. Hadn’t seen the Fry and Laurie clip – really made me laugh. I so remember the originals too – AND remember trying very hard to understand them and failing – how sad is that!!! I am now working at the OU and the kipper ties is the thing people always mention in conversation. Yes the brand is great but maybe somewhat misleading – there is lots going on at the OU now in terms of innovating in the use of technologies – such as the OpenLearn project which is making OU material freely available. The brand has impact but maybe conjures up an old view…

  2. Thanks Lorcan, needed the giggle.
    You were talking about painting rhinoceroses, or least you will in the near future, just as I was thinking about blind men and elephants.
    I was so suprised then to hear you wouldn’t be going to the OU elephant’s Ist birthday party. And that just it’s wagging tail is still your primary interest. I’m a trunk specialist.
    It’s trunk is growing slowly, slowly . It is still very small. But you’ll find that OU chefs call it msg. So it’s probably not in your diet.
    I’m fumbling around in the dark here of course. Perhaps it’s not the trunk I’ve got hold of. Now I’m worried. You sure you had the tail?

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