Organization of work

A suggestive panel discussion on Technology and the modern corporation: how different will it become is covered in Robert Patterson’s weblog. Leaders from several industries discuss changing organizational patterns.

Malone: I have a slogan for that. We need to change our thinking from “command and control” to “coordinate and cultivate.” Command and control won’t go away completely. But there’ll be a lot more times than in the past when being very decentralized, very bottom-up, and very empowered will be the right thing. [Robert Paterson’s Weblog: The New Org Model is here]

Spotted on Jonathan Schwartz’s weblog. The discussion also includes the word wirearchy which I thought was quite nice and had not seen before.

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  1. Lorcan, thanks for the mention. I appreciate it. I came up with the notion of “wirearchy” after many years as an organization consultant (several in the UK, with Hay Management Consultants, near Victoria Station) … as I began to believe and understand that information technology and the interconnected dynamics of distributed networkks would change the nature of knowledge work, organizational dynamics and ultimately organizational structures and forms.
    I suppose that the word may mean something wuite real, tangible and observable in another ten or twenty years, as we all have learned more about what it means, and what the impacts are, of living in a forever-more interlinked and increasingly transparent world.

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