QOTD: a new class of librarians

It is always interesting to read about libraries and librarians when the writer comes from outside the library environment. I have just come across the December 2007 issue of the Canadian University Affairs. It contains an article intriguingly entitled The new librarians.

A new class of librarians is emerging: forward-thinking men and women, attuned to the revolutionary trends affecting academic libraries, are leading the charge for change. These tech-savvy librarians are plugged into the needs of a new generation and adapting their services to keep libraries relevant and valuable. [The new librarians]

It was refreshing to read something so positive about libraries in such a publication, and, although not a very rounded view of libraries (or librarians: the profiles are all of men) it usefully emphasized some new directions for the readership. Worth a look.

3 thoughts on “QOTD: a new class of librarians”

  1. Where? Where? Here at the University of Alberta (one of those Canadian Library schools) some instructors have banned laptops in classrooms claiming it was at the request of students and calling them as “physical barriers” and referring to laptop users are direspectful and disengaged.
    The tech-savvy progressives must be in Ontario or BC. :-(

  2. Perhaps positive if you look to librarians and libraries to indulge the same “needs” that Facebook, MySpace and World of Warcraft serve. I prefer a bookish old geezer or marm, beckoning to me and hobbling towards the stacks – I would even settle for one 55 or older. The 40 year old hipster with the “efficient gait and soft and purposeful manner of speech” holds no appeal for me or my 20 year old daughter. Michael Gorman was squashed like a fly by the blogger/librarian community for his impertinent remarks about bloggers, but I think there were some words of wisdom there about the dignity of the profession.

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