Retro Lorcan

I mention below that I had bought Horse Latitudes while in the Twin Cities. I had looked for this a couple of times recently in bookstores in Columbus without finding it. I could have ordered it from Amazon, but I hesitated as I thought I might come across it somewhere, maybe in another city on my travels.
I realize that I still like to have the experience of finding and buying books, and even when I know I am definitely going to buy something, I postpone looking for it online until it appears that it is just not available in the bookstores I regularly visit, or in stores on several trips.
I don’t like ordering in-store either, as – you never know – I might just find it somewhere else!

One thought on “Retro Lorcan”

  1. This post reminded me of when I was in Paris and saw the Da Vinci Code out in paperback. I had studiously avoided buying it in hardback, and so was anxiously awaiting the paperback. Having seen it in the Paris bookstore I (like an idiot) thought “oh, so now it’s out, I’ll pick it up at home”. Famous last words. Something like a year and a half later it finally was released in the United States in paper. The publisher was milking every dollar out of it. Now I’m much more likely to pick up a book when I see it.

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