The silos of the LAMs

Libraries, archives and museums have different curatorial traditions and professional outlooks. In the digital environment, correspondences grow, around both the management of surrogates and of born-digital materials.
Based on workshops in five RLG partner institutions, my colleagues have released a report [PDF] on institutional collaboration between libraries, archives and museums.

The project that forms the basis of this report began in 2007, when RLG Programs initiated work on the program, Library, Archive and Museum Collaboration. The goal of the program was threefold: to explore the nature of library, archive and museum (LAM) collaborations, to help LAMs collaborate on common services and thus yield greater productivity within their institutions, and to assist them in creating research environments better aligned with user expectations—or, to reference this report’s title, to move beyond the often-mentioned silos of LAM resources which divide content into piecemeal offerings. [Beyond the Silos of the LAMs Collaboration Among Libraries, Archives and Museums PDF]

Update: See Günter’s update on the report.

One thought on “The silos of the LAMs”

  1. LOL. very funny.
    when i was in australia this summer for a few talks, the ever-present theme was “convergence” of museums, archives, and libraries – spaces and otherwise. gallery professionals were not pleased with the trend. most others thought it was sensible. puke ariki in new zealand is one example of a successful museum/library convergence from the conference i attended. even the professional staff were converged under non-librarian and non-museum type job descriptions. very interesting and thanks for the link.

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