Tim Bray and jobs

Tim Bray announces that he is looking for something new to do. He remains associated with Antarctica but would like to work on search in a new environment.

But I can be more specific than that. Here’s what I’d really like to do: Over the last few months, I�ve written a long essay here at ongoing on the subject of search technology (“Slashdotted” on December 18th, thus read by tens of thousands); I concluded with a vision of what the engine, whose interim name is BRF for Basic Resource Finder, should look like. Now I want to build it. Obviously, lots of the pieces you�d need (maybe most of them) are already out there and ready to use. So it would be running and useful inside of a year. [ongoing � Looking For a Gig]

One thought on “Tim Bray and jobs”

  1. Pears has some of the aspects he wants, but as I remember he is interested in something Webbier rather than Pear’s bibliographic bent.
    He’d certainly be a high profile person to have here and he’d love to have access to WorldCat.

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