Udi Manber and A9

There does not seem to be much available on the web about Amazon’s new search technology company, A9.

Nevertheless, the online retailer recently placed Manber at the helm of A9, a separately branded company based in Palo Alto, Calif. He’s charged with hiring and building the “best e-commerce search technology” for internal use and third parties, to launch in October, according to company spokeswoman Alison Diboll. Still, industry analysts say that A9 could easily pit Amazon against Google and other large search providers. [News: Google, Amazon in a war of search words]

It is headed up by Udi Manber, previously involved in glimpse, harvest and other stuff. From his home page when he was on the CS faculty at University of Arizona:

I am now a VP and Chief Algorithms Officer at Amazon.com.[Udi Manber OLD Home Page]