Up and down

I was just looking at the logs for this blog. They show a slight increase in traffic for July over June.
But wait a minute! I was away for a large chunk of July and did not post. What is this telling me!

3 thoughts on “Up and down”

  1. I know the feeling. During a long period in which I did nothing at all at LISNews, my magic number kept increasing. Maybe people are stopping by to see if they’ve missed something? (Makes sense to me.)

  2. I agree with Walt’s response — most probably folks checking to make sure they didn’t miss anything even with your posting that you would be gone for a couple of weeks!

  3. Lorcan,
    I have been meaning to read your blog on a regular basis, but I just do not think if it. Then last week I linked your blog to MyYahoo reader, and now I get your blog each day. Maybe others are doing the same thing.

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