Wireless access on the go

Jon Udell describes his experiences looking for wireless access in his relatives’ hometown, and being questioned by the police for sitting in a running car outside a local school.

Is it conceivable that a small town might designate a well-known AP for public access, including drive-through use? The public library would be the obvious candidate. (Ideally its public-access AP would be isolated from the library’s internal network.) During regular hours, visitors could bring laptops inside, but after hours they could park outside in a well-lit and easily-monitored area. Then there’d be no incentive to cruise schools and residential neighborhoods scanning for APs. [Jon’s Radio]

One thought on “Wireless access on the go”

  1. As Jon Udell found out, parking outside buildings, during or after regular hours with a high gain WiFi antenna will probably get you a visit from your local P.D. Especially given todays heightened security concerns. In addition, as of January 1, 2004, California has made it illegal to use a laptop, notebook, or pda from the front seat of a car, passenger or driver’s side. So, if Jon did this stunt in California he would have been arrested, booked and thrown in the pokey.

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