About the blog

This blog was developed as an internal communications vehicle and externalized after a year or so in October 2004. Naturally, its interests relate closely to those of OCLC Research generally.

How do libraries serve network people? How are library organization, services and technologies co-evolving with the behaviors of their users? It looks at library logistics, collaborative sourcing, the collective collection, and evolving metadata and bibliographic practices. It is also interested in how libraries support changing research and learning needs, and on how the curatorial traditions of archives, libraries and museums come together in the digital environment. These issues touch on broader Web 2.0 questions, and on organizational responses.

About Lorcan Dempsey

Lorcan is currently working for OCLC as Vice President, OCLC Research and Chief Strategist.

Before moving to OCLC Lorcan worked for JISC in the UK, overseeing national information programs and services. He is a librarian who has worked for library and educational organizations in Ireland, England and the US. He has consulted for the EU, and national policy and service organizations in several countries.

Lorcan has policy, research and service development experience, mostly in the area of networked information and digital libraries. He writes and speaks extensively. He is currently a member of the NISO Board and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.