I think this is a very nice phrase to describe some of what is happening as we look at service oriented approaches.

Implementing an SOA leads to agile application assembly, which is a new approach to application development, maintenance and integration that I like to call 'Unplug and play': "... achieved by unplugging rigid integrations and embracing the concept of continuous change."[Loosely Coupled weblog - on-demand web services]

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Nov 11, 2003

I liked http://www.looselycoupled.com/blog/2003_11_02_lc.htm#106820251034638874.

Our applications here tend to be too highly coupled. This is one of the problems with the current Oracle approach--tight integration. It sounds good ('one database to keep up-to-date'), but results in a single system where the needs of each application affect all the others.


Nov 19, 2003

I've only read these two articles, but Unplug and Play seems a lot like the Unix Philosophy.