ECDL 2004 report

There is a report on ECDL 2004 by Jonas Holmstr´┐Żm in the current D-lib Magazine.

Lorcan Dempsey from OCLC (Online Library Computer Center) spoke [ppt] about the rapidly changing library landscape and introduced some interesting new terminology. One of the most apparent changes libraries face is the change in expectations created by Google and Amazon--or 'Why can't the OPAC work as Google/Amazon?' This change in expectations was labelled the 'Amazoogle' effect. Dempsey also argued for the need for a theory or big picture without which libraries are vulnerable to--among other things--'Marchitecture' and 'Techeology'. As Dempsey defined it, Marchitecture denotes an architecture produced by a vendor for marketing purposes, and techeology is a mixture of technology and ideology. Dempsey made some very good points outlining common biases he feels are hampering the advancement of digital libraries. [Report on the 8th European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL 2004): 12 - 16 September 2004, Bath, United Kingdom]
I can claim credit for Amazoogle and techeology, but not alas marchitecture.

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