Google: The world's digital library?

Today's NYT has an article on Apple's recent announcements. Randall Stross, the author, notes in passing:

Google has a near monopoly on the digital library business, which enables it to do very well with advertizing that monetizes eyeballs.[May require registration: Digital Domain: After 20 Years, Finally Capitalizing on Cool]
The choice of words is interesting ... and worrying ;-)

When the Google/Library digitization plans were announced I was interested in the volume of publicity they attracted. And in the fact that very little of the publicity remarked on the prior strides of libraries into the digital space ...

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Jan 17, 2005
peter brantley

I saw that google digital library terminology last night too. very odd and presumptive, and yet for the users, more than a modicum of truth. a larger issue perhaps is whether the term will come to be defined through google's content acquisition strategies and the services it provides.