Smoke and mirrors

Roy wonders if the screenshot showing works-based access below is smoke and mirrors. There is only a puff of smoke involved - really. Roy is right to note that this is not the direct response to an 'alice' search. It is several screens into a search (see, for example, that one of the contributors is highlighted), so some focusing has happened. It has also been prettified a little for presentation. But at some stage something quite like this will emerge, we hope!

In a sense, it is taking some of the work colleagues did in creating FictionFinder and exposing it more generally.

Perhaps it is best not to give sneak previews ;-)

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Feb 20, 2005
Roy Tennant

Lorcan, thanks for clarifying, and please don't take my earlier question/comment to mean you shouldn't share sneak previews! I think seeing such developments, even at an early stage, can help foster better understanding and help raise the bar for the rest of us. I apologize for any offense that may have been taken by my comment. Thanks for sharing, and keep them coming!

Feb 20, 2005

No no no! You must keep tantalizing us with these pictures of a new world! It is the antidote to gloom and despair. (Pay no attention to crazy Uncle Roy! ;> )