Jim Gray interviews Tim Bray

Tim Bray talks about search, XML, semantic web, RDF and other things in an interview in Queue. The interviewer is Jim Gray of Microsoft Research. I wonder were the rhyming names deliberate ;-)

I spent two years sitting on the Web consortium's technical architecture group, on the phone every week and face-to-face several times a year with Tim Berners-Lee. To this day, I remain fairly unconvinced of the core Semantic Web proposition. I own the domain name RDF.net. I've offered the world the RDF.net challenge, which is that for anybody who can build an actual RDF-based application that I want to use more than once or twice a week, I'll give them RDF.net. I announced that in May 2003, and nothing has come close. [ACM Queue - A Conversation with Tim Bray - Searching for ways to tame the world's vast stores of information.]

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