Looking back

I have just spent a little time on the very useful-for-the-nostalgic Google Groups seeing if I could find a record of an event in the early nineties (I must be getting old ...). I was unsuccessful.
In the process, I did come across a great lost URL ;-) The BUBL service was hosted at the University of Bath for a while. It gloried in the URL:


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Mar 25, 2005
John Kirriemuir

While still using that URL, BUBL featured in the first edition of Ariadne:


Lorcan was co-director at the time, and I was the web editor. Small world :-)

Mar 28, 2005

It's funny, just last week I was doing the same thing as I was writing a little history of my site, and I couldn't find something I know used to be in there.

I didn't try very hard, but after reading this I tried again and had no luck, I wonder if they've dropped some of the old index?

Apr 04, 2005
Dennis Nicholson

Wash your blog out with soap, Lorcan!