Wikis and WorldCat

Thom introduces our plans to pilot a mechanism to capture user input alongside bibliographic records. This will be first introduced in Open WorldCat later this Summer.

The idea is to have a Wiki that complements WorldCat. People could add reviews, cover art, comments, etc. and relate these to bibliographic records (maybe at the FRBR work-level too). We hope the system is flexible enough so that people do (good) things we're not expecting. We'd like the Wiki to be available anywhere WorldCat records are. [Outgoing]
This is one area we hope to use the MetaWiki framework we are currently working on.

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May 30, 2005

My experience running a wiki has been wonderful. You can't imagine how rich the content becomes when you decide not to limit a website to the imagination of just a few people. People think to add things I would never have thought to include myself. In theory, I think allowing people to add comments, reviews, etc. to WorldCat is fabulous. People would benefit from the addition just as people who never buy from Amazon still use them frequently just to read user reviews. I think it would make WorldCat a much more valuable resource to non-librarian folk (and for us too!). But with something as huge as WorldCat, would you be able to protect it from spam, vandalism, phony reviews, etc? I spent hours and hours of time removing spam from the ALA Wiki, which is quite small and has spam filters installed (though obviously the filters are not 100% effective). When you open yourself up with a wiki, you open yourself up to the best (and the worst) that people have to offer. In the end, I think it's worth the trouble.

May 30, 2005
John Kirriemuir

Having used Wikipedia avidly for some time, it's only recently that have dared to edit a page on it. Here's my first effort (I've probably broken some Wikipedia rule by including a picture of me on it :-):

It was an interesting experience, and opened up a lot of possibilities that didn't come to mind when I was just using Wikipedia to read. I think every serious LIS professional should have a go at creating a page in Wikipedia, and editing an existing page; it gives a different perspective on adding to a body of knowledge.

Jun 10, 2005
Eric Lease Morgan

I advocate y'all explore the possibility of adding comments to bibliographic records. While I wonder whether or not it will work in a university setting, I do think it will work on the scale of the Internet because the numbers of possible reviews is so much larger. Cool idea.