New look

varian.pngCheck out the new look interface to Find in a library.

See, for example, the (current) page for Information rules. I like the way it highlights subjects and other editions. IMHO one of the major features of OpenWorldCat is the way it is beginning to release the value of the accumulated investment by libraries in structured data more effectively on the open web. Under the other editions tab we bring together various manifestations of a work using the FRBR algorithm. Under subjects, we allow readers to follow subject threads back into the index.

There is still much that could be done, and we will be improving these areas as the service develops: a part of making data work harder in richer browsing experiences.

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Aug 08, 2005

So I typed in (without quotes) "an uncommon soldier" and the first hit was for "THE uncommon soldier." Why didn't it pay attention to what I was asking for? I wanted the third hit down--the letters of Private Wakeman. Nevertheless, yes, I like the display--much cleaner, and the subjects are buried ;) . since you can construct URLs from several fields will you make them hotlinkable? E.g. will the ISBN link to the absolute WC URL for the item?

Aug 08, 2005
Lorcan Dempsey

The searching is being done by the search engine you are in - we have no control over it.

Not sure I understand the other part of the question: the URL in the form will go to the WC page. Once you get to this page, which has links on it (which go back out to the search engine you are using) you are already at the 'wc page'. Maybe I am missing something - not at all an unusual event ;-)