Changing expectations

Four years in the US, and the lease was up on our car. Now that we have a credit history, and the junk mail to prove it, replacing it proved easier than first time round.

This afternoon, I played my first CD in the car. Appropriately for the times, it is a Prius, which localises some of the controls on a distracting touch screen panel. Looking at the screen, I sat there expecting the system to go out to and pull back the details to give me a named track listing. It was a moment before I realized that it was not going to do this for me, that I was in a car which was not 'on the grid', and that I would have to be content with 'track 1', 'track 2', and so on.

Interesting what sort of expectations somebody even as generationally mature as myself is beginning to have!

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Sep 29, 2005
Thom Hickey

Or see Open WorldCat for the CD, although I suppose there is even less chance the Prius will connect to that.