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Peter Murray Rust writes about Open Data on his recently inaugurated blog. His work in chemical informatics is well known and may be of interest to some readers.

However, I am drawn to write this entry by another small point. Having discussed the origins and uses of 'open data' as an expression, he suggests:

I think the current usages are sufficiently close that we should try to bring them together. Comments here would be useful. Maybe a Wikipedia article would help? [Unilever Centre for Molecular Informatics, Cambridge - petermr’s blog » Blog Archive » Open Data - the time has come]
This impulse is not untypical; it seems to be a recognized way of establishing some shared understanding of a topic to write a Wikipedia article about it.

Incidentally, readers may be interested in his predictions for the future of chemistry communications (of interest to more than chemists), and his thoughts on scholarly publishing.

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Sep 15, 2006
Paul Miller

It's good to see Peter blogging, and also good to see his thoughts around Open Data being aired. They apply equally to core library data functions as to some of the instances he lists.

See, for example,