Corporate identities

Thom has a post describing recent enhancements to the Worldcat Identities site. He talks about several nice features.

A signficant one is the handling of 'corporate identities' alongside personal identities. So, for example looking at the entry for Alma Swan, one of the authors of the report I just noted, gives the following list of 'related names'.

[WorldCat Identities]

Clicking on Key Perspectives gives you this list of related names:

[WorldCat Identities]

This could get addictive ....

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May 24, 2007

I find the sample list above interesting. How has it been decided to provide family names before first names ? It seems bibliocentric. If you drill down to Macgregor, his name is presented in the reverse order on his identity page.

If it's important, why doesn't it also apply to organisations, for example
Committee, Joint Information Systems or
Institute, Open Society ?

This is an issue we are discussing at the National Library for our own identities project, People Australia

If names are stored in their component parts, surely we can render them more intuitively (even for different cultures). It would be useful to know the OCLC thinking behind this.

May 30, 2007
Thom Hickey

In the Related Names section we are just presenting the pieces of each name in the order they are used in WorldCat.

In other places on the page where we use only part of the name we do some simple reordering, but here we thought that the full name should display. We haven't invested the time yet to know whether we can reliably reorder the full name (I suspect it could get quite complicated to do correctly), or which order would work best for users.

In Identities we haven't tried too hard to hide the library technology underneath it. I think that has a certain charm and utility, but we may move farther away in the future.