Mind the gap

Amid all the discussions about generations, millennial and otherwise, there is one in whose existence I truly believe based on experiences with our children. This is the 'so-not-you generation' ;-) And hey look at this ....

A friend has two children aged 11 and 16. He explains: "The latest thing in Surrey right now is downloading high-pitched tones that only children can hear [the 17kHz "Mosquito"] on to their mobiles, Bluetoothing them around, and then starting up a cacophony in lessons - they can hear it and double up in agony, but their teacher can't." It's a metaphor for the adult/child gap: the children can recognise what the grownups can't. [The kids are alright online | Technology | Guardian Unlimited Technology]

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May 09, 2007
Bill Drew

I love this post. It is truly hilarious.