Link resolvers and the serials supply chain [pdf] is the title of an interesting report commissioned by the UK Serials Group and written by James Culling. From the summary:

The current knowledge base data supply chain is characterized by a complex series of roles, relationships and inter-dependencies between publishers, other content hosts, subscription agents, link resolver suppliers, libraries and others. [Link resolvers and the serials supply chain pdf]

The report argues that a lack of understanding between these stakeholders results in many inefficiencies.

It could be said that whilst the community's attention has been mostly focused on what it means to be OpenURL compliant, a code of practice and information standards to ensure knowledge base compliance and the efficient transfer of data through the supply chain have been sorely absent and overlooked. [Link resolvers and the serials supply chain pdf]

The report discusses issues from different stakeholder perspective. It recommends the establishment of an organization which brings stakeholders together around a "code of practice for effective participation in the knowledge base supply chain". Counter is suggested as a model.

My colleague Phil Norman alerted me to the publication of the report.

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Jul 05, 2007
Mad Librarian

I loved this report! It spoke to me. My library recently subscribed to a major link resolving product, and I am amazed at the poor quality of organization, accuracy and currency in the KnowledgeBase. Something needs to be done about the content in these KnowledgeBases at a level higher than just customizing the information for individual libraries. I mean, haven't we learned anything in our profession about shared knowledge? Every library with a link resolver should read this report! What good is the technology without quality content?