QOTD: digital backfence, third place and fad of the day

It seems to me that whether or not Facebook is in our future, some form of the social experiences it enables will be. Susan Mernit has a nice post which acknowledges that it may be a fad, but goes on to explain some of its appeal. And it clearly has strong appeal!

When I am asked about it I mention the background low-cost connection it provides with folks. Here are two of her points:

* "We want to be local, not global. Small is beautiful, and a digital backfence like Facebook's status updates or twitter, has irresistible appeal."
* "Forget Starbucks, the third place is digital. Got 5 minutes? Need a break? That place you like to go is probably right on your screen."


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Jul 28, 2007
social networking

I think facebook will be here for some time to come just hopefully they move wth the times by adding new features.