Long playing video

An off-topic weekend entry ....

I loved the nice conceit in this youtube video. A retro moment for mature readers.

This is Redwood Tree from St Dominic's Preview, the Van Morrison, er, LP.

I was interested to see that embedding was disabled by request, something I had not seen before.

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Aug 20, 2007

Interesting how it's only when you watch it going around like that that you think, "What would happen if I turned it backwards?" Does anyone play mp3's backwards? Another case of changing affordances, as Dorothea was talking about recently.

Aug 27, 2007
Andrew Kier

Pbinkley - Do you mean turning the vinyl backwards, or the video? I wouldn't recommend turning an LP backwards. Ruins the needle.

It's certainly possible to play mp3's backwards, with easily available software such as WaveStudio or Audacity.

It creates some interesting results!