QOTD: antisocial networking

From the personal ads in the current London Review of Books:

Divorced, 1950s born man, deeply at odds with the frivolous and incomprehensible nature of everything outside of this typeface and that pair of brogues seeks absolutely anyone who isn't on facebook at box no. .... [London Review of Books 20 September 2007]

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Sep 23, 2007
John Kirriemuir

I know this person. He's sat in the front row of most of the presentations I've done about social networking, web 2.0, using video games in schools etc. Has a sulky face and arms folded the whole time, uttering "hrmphs" at every slide. He always asks the first question, which is really a 10 minute monologue starting with the phrase "In my day...", and is a rose-tinted view of how things were simpler / better / more personal. In his day.

It's a safe bet he doesn't "Twitter".