Worldcat in Facebook

It is nice to see the Worldcat application for Facebook. Look out for additional features over time.


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Jan 18, 2008
Brian Kelly

I've noticed that many of my Facebook friends have, like me, installed this application.

But others have questioned the merits of providing access to such services through Facebook.

Do you have any data on the additional usage this may have generated, any other benefits it may provide and whether the effort taken in software development, support, marketing, etc. are justified?


Brian Kelly

Jan 18, 2008

Thanks for the interest, Brian!

We’re just beginning to learn how the Facebook application will affect use, but we're optimistic that we'll see healthy increases in traffic as the application becomes more widely adopted. (The application has only been out for a few weeks and we're already seeing encouraging traffic numbers).

That said, for us the objective of creating the app is about more than just traffic - we're trying to bring library services to diverse audiences, in diverse locations, where they can offer value.

We're also interested in’s utility as it becomes integrated with applications developed by others. For example, the Good Reads application in Facebook has recently added links to from its book description pages, as an alternative path for obtaining the item (previously it only included links to booksellers). It's a great example of the valuable integration the Facebook Platform offers.

Mar 18, 2008

The Facebook Worldcat application doesn't work in Canada as it uses our postal code as if it were a zipcode returning inaccurate results, e.g. it thinks I live in Ohio. I discovered my closest library for the book I was looking up was in Ohio. Too bad there were other locations on the list that were actually closer to Ontario.

Mar 23, 2008
Lorcan Dempsey

Jennifer, I have checked with colleagues who think that the Canadian postal code should work. I will connect you with somebody offline to check. Lorcan