Blogging and presenting

Blogging has been a bit thin lately - and may continue to be for a few days - as I have been traveling and have not managed to shake off a heavy cold.

I gave a presentation at the University of Iowa last week. It is the type of event I like, as you interact with a range of folks from the same institution on their home ground.

During my long layover in O'Hare Airport I got to thinking about presentations .... A few months ago, at another event, somebody approached me and said "that wasn't nearly as radical as we were expecting". I am not sure if this means I am doing something right or something wrong ;-)

Anyway, a couple of years ago I announced in these pages that I was not accepting any further speaking invites for the year. I think it is about time to do that again. I don't like turning things down, but cannot agree to everything. Having a declaration here that my dance card for the rest of the year is full will help ;-)

Update: I added some and took some away from an earlier version. How quickly will this version replace the first one?

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Feb 25, 2008
Owen Stephens

Or preaching to the converted?