I have heard of people photographing catalog results with their cell phones and heading off to the shelves. And now I have just come across the Tripod library catalog.


You can text yourself the bibliographic details - see the icon on the entry above. Here is what happens when you click on it ....


They advertize it as more convenient than writing down the details with pencil and paper.

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Aug 05, 2008
Jonathan Rochkind

Can anyone provide an example of what the text you then receive looks like? I'm nto sure I can convince the thing to text my US phone, but I'm going to try.

I like this idea.

Aug 05, 2008
Jonathan Rochkind

Oops, I don't know why I thought that was in the UK, that's Bryn Mawr.

Tried to send myself a text two hours ago, haven't gotten it yet. System seems to be having some difficulties.

Aug 06, 2008
jason paul michel

we're beta'ing something similar for our experimental catalog as well...at miami university....we currently use teleflip, but in the process of doing it without a third party....the trouble is that without a third party you need to ask the user to provide their number AND provider...

anyway, i think its a really cool and helpful service...

Aug 06, 2008
Kate Carter

Here's what the user would receive for the above record:

From: tripod@trilogy.brynmawr.edu
(tripod record) loc: S McCabe Rare Bk Rm +
call #: +PQ4843.O53 G22 1988
title: The leopard / Guiseppe di Lampedusa ; translation by Archibald Colqu

If you're interested in implementing this in your own catalog, I'm happy to provide you with further documentation and files.

Aug 11, 2008
Steve Watkins

Here at CSU Monterey Bay, I managed to put together similar functionality from our Voyager OPAC about 6 months ago. The trick is that we use a Z39.50 back door to retrieve the shelf location and circulation status and then package it up for delivery via the email-to-SMS gateways of various cellular service providers. We now have users coming up to the reference and course reserve desks a few times a week with the call numbers on their phones.

Aug 19, 2008
Lauren Corbett

Wake Forest University's Z. Smith Reynolds Library also has a catalog function in Voyager that allows texting of a call number to your cell phone.