Power grab

Posting is light this week. We have been without power at home since the weekend as the remnants of Hurricane Ike passed through Ohio. I write blog posts in the morning between the children heading off to school and coming in to work, or in the evening. Not at the moment ;-)

As I have mentioned before, we live beside a branch of Columbus Metropolitan Library. It is on a different circuit and has power. It is hopping, as people come to 'fill up' on power ... here is what the Columbus Dispatch had to say this morning ....

Like moths to a flame, Clintonville residents converged yesterday on a corner of Whetstone Park for a collective power trip.
The Whetstone branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library and adjacent lighted tennis courts were literal beacons of light last night in a neighborhood otherwise bathed in dark. [The Columbus Dispatch : Whetstone library keeps residents charged]

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