I was interested to see the combination of services presented on the Research and Enterprise pages of the London School of Economics.

These include:

I was especially interested in the Motivating headline on the Experts database page: Be seen. Be heard. Be cited.

I expect we will see more of this type of convergence as universities look at more organized and integrated disclosure of their research and expertise capacities on the web. This is especially topical in an environment of growing ranking and assessment.

Library roles here are one of the issues which have come up in our Research Information Management strand of work.

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May 21, 2009
Ben Toth

This video has some relevance. There are some opportunities for library services here too

May 26, 2009
Joan Lippincott

You might find the Cornell VIVO project interesting; it was developed at Mann Library.

Also some materials from their presentation at a CNI meeting are available at:

Joan Lippincott, CNI