How to repost?

I 're-posted' my entry on the 'two ways of Web 2.0' the other day. On the site, I now have a page for the original entry and for the 're-post'.

I have just 're-posted' another entry, but this time I chose to do it a different way. I changed the publish date to today's date, and noted the original date in a note.

I wondered which way was the better, and am not aware of any 'good practice' on this issue. It seems to me that newspapers sometimes adopt the latter practice. I notice that PersonaNonData, who occasionally reposts earlier entries, seems to follow the former.

It is interesting to run into this versioning question in a modest way here. I can see pros and cons of each approach and I am sure there is a relevant literature. Something to think about in the new year ....

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Dec 31, 2009
Michael Steeleworthy

I'd be concerned about comments and discussions regarding re-posts.

I think it's important to differentiate between the two different discussions that might appear in a post that is simply republished with a new publishing date. On this note alone, I think it would be better to duplicate content into a new entry and then close the original post's comments and add a large disclaimer and link to the new entry.