Analytics and Measurement

Institutional researcher pages: an example

I have written a couple of times recently (here and here) about institutional and indvidual reputation management. Think, for example, of faculty profiles: the managed disclosure of expertise and research activity. This has often been an informal personal or departmental activity. However, there is now a variety of institutional initiatives which may pull together data … Continue reading Institutional researcher pages: an example

Research assessment and the library …

I am pleased to note the appearance of a new report on research assessment and the role of libraries. This has been prepared as part of our Research Information Management stream of work in support of the RLG Partnership. The study is a comparative review of formal assessment regimes in five countries. Such assessment regimes … Continue reading Research assessment and the library …

The importance of books ..

I read the interesting Communicating knowledge: how and why UK researchers publish and disseminate their findings and its supplementary reports (literature review and bibliometric analysis) on a transatlantic flight the other day. (Incidentally, it must have been the most cramped large-plane seat I have ever been on – I could not use my laptop.) A … Continue reading The importance of books ..

QOTD: Spiders and flies and classics

Reading Concerning E.M. Forster by Frank Kermode, I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes, Forster’s response to Eliot’s criticism of his remarks about D.H. Lawrence … So they corresponded and respected one another, and after Lawrence died Forster wrote that the regarded him as ‘one of the glories of our twentieth-century literature’, and … Continue reading QOTD: Spiders and flies and classics

Choice is hard work: an anecdatum

We got an iMac for family use in the Summer. I never liked the keyboard and the mouse keeps sticking as crumbs and so on get lodged in it. Myself and my son headed off to Micro Center the other evening to explore replacements. They had sold out of the new ‘magic’ mouse, so we … Continue reading Choice is hard work: an anecdatum

Counting books …

I have been careful in recent posts about numbers to note that the term ‘book’ has no precise referent. One person’s book is another person’s pamphlet, or … Brian Lavoie and I have an article in the current issue of DLib Magazine which uses Worldcat to estimate the number of print books published in the … Continue reading Counting books …

Discoverability .. a report that’s worth a look

We are awash in assisted thinking, as I may have remarked. One document that is worth a look is Discoverability produced earlier this year by a team at the University of Minnesota. In October 2008, the Web Services Steering Committee at the University of Minnesota Libraries created the Discoverability exploratory subgroup, charged to recommend ways … Continue reading Discoverability .. a report that’s worth a look

Reputation enhancement

Reputation management on the web – individual and institutional – has become a more conscious activity for many, as ranking, assessment and other reputational measures are increasingly influenced by network visibility. In particular, it raises for academic institutions an issue that has become a part of many service decisions: what is it appropriate to do … Continue reading Reputation enhancement

On books again

‘Book’ is a big word. It has a lot of power as it is intimately bound up with our intellectual and imaginative histories. More parochially, the book is also strongly bound up with the professional practice and identity of the library and librarians. At a more prosaic (sic) level, the book is also interesting as … Continue reading On books again

Counting titles and authors

The proposed Google Books settlement has created a strong interest in quantifying publications and authors, to get a better sense of the scale of impact. We have been looking at Worldcat and hope to publish an analysis later this year. Here is an issue that came up this week: how many print books were published … Continue reading Counting titles and authors