Learning and research - systems and technologies

Vendor integration – libraries and learning

A major recent issue for libraries has been the relationship of library services to emerging instructional technology environments. Increasingly, on many campuses, the course management system facilitates the relationship between learners and between learner and teacher. Interestingly, there is now a systems vendor who povides integrating solutions between the worlds of library and instructional technologies. … Continue reading Vendor integration – libraries and learning

A science commons

Concerned about the potential effect of recent policy on the conduct of science, the Creative Commons initiative is looking to explore a Science Commons: The sciences depend on access to and use of factual data. Powered by developments in electronic storage and computational capability, scientific inquiry is becoming more data-intensive in almost every discipline. Whether … Continue reading A science commons

Institutional repositories

Some suggestive observations about institutional repositories in the summary of a CNI roundtable discussion. In many ways, discussing “institutional repositories” is misleading, in that the term is too limiting and focuses on a tool rather than the strategic imperative, which is planning for institution-wide digital asset management and developing both infrastructure components and a range … Continue reading Institutional repositories

Metadata and institutional repositories

Some interesting presentations at the 2003-2004 RLG Members’ Forum. Discussion of Cornell and Indiana repository and digital library issues. Examples of the growing interest in rationalising repository initiatives within overall institutional perspective.

Digicult reports

Several interesting reports on the Digicult pages. Most recently, Learning Objects from Cultural and Scientific Heritage Resources.