Libraries - distributed environments

The decentered library network presence

Think of two trends in the development of the library’s network presence. These have emerged successively and continue to operate together. A centripetal trend producing a library network presence centered on the institutional website, as the library wants to offer an integrated service. A centrifugal trend, unbundling functionality and placing it in a variety of … Continue reading The decentered library network presence

Discovery vs discoverability …

I have been interested in the different dynamics of the inside-out and outside-in library for a while (see here for example). One especially interesting characteristic is the quite different approach to discovery in each case, even though this distinction has not yet crystallized in clear service categories. I was struck by the distinction during a … Continue reading Discovery vs discoverability …

Worldcat Identities Network: a ‘mashup’

There has been some nice reaction to the Worldcat Identities Network. The initial motivation for this was to put a graphic display of related Identities into an Identities page. This did not work out and we decided to make it available as a standalone app. The aim is to show how something could be built … Continue reading Worldcat Identities Network: a ‘mashup’

Effective web presence …

We are growing used to the idea that simply making things available on the web does not necessarily make them widely discovered or discoverable. I have used the phrase ‘search engine interoperability’ in these pages already. This is a play on ‘search engine optimization’, which some do not like (although I think we should not … Continue reading Effective web presence …

The library network and the scholarly record

The library community is a highly interconnected one. Networks are motivated both by library mission and effective management of resources. This trend will accelerate as the Internet favors shared services, and libraries will see more benefit in building such shared services. The Hathi Trust is an important example. The growth of interest in sharing library … Continue reading The library network and the scholarly record

Stitching costs – retread

I am on vacation and traveling this week, and so am taking the opportunity to air again an entry of a couple of years ago on what I called ‘stitching costs’ …. We are familiar with switching costs, the costs of changing a supplier. I may decide not to change my phone or email arrangements, … Continue reading Stitching costs – retread

VIAF design pattern

A blog entry by Paul Walk – An infrastructure service anti-pattern – drew some attention a while ago. He argues against a model in which a service provider independently develops APIs and a user interface, and in which, accordingly, the APIs are developed in advance of actual use or explicit external requirements. He claims that … Continue reading VIAF design pattern

Libraries and catalogues: systemic attention

The Research Information Network in the UK has released a timely report: Creating catalogues: bibliographic records in a networked world [Splash page; pdf]. It is concise and has a useful Summary and Key Findings section. I found it an interesting read, in no small part because it rehearses various key themes of these pages. Critically, … Continue reading Libraries and catalogues: systemic attention

A single business system environment redux

The new prototype discovery service from the National Library of Australia caused a ripple of interest the other week when it was released. One reason for the interest is that it brings together access to a range of NLA resources (Picture Australia, Libraries Australia, and Pandora, among others) as well as to external resources (Oaister, … Continue reading A single business system environment redux

National libraries on YouTube

While looking at the Library of Congress presence on YouTube the other day, I was curious about other national library presences. A very quick search for national library ‘channels’ revealed the following … The European Library The National Library Board of Singapore The National Library of Wales The National library of NZ The National Library … Continue reading National libraries on YouTube