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Web services and Dialog

“The information industry is changing, and we are at the forefront of the transformation,” said Roy M. Martin, Jr., Dialog president and CEO. “Today, the imperative is to offer the tools necessary to integrate information into in-house networks and professional and consumer services on the open Web. We must reach professionals as part of their … Continue reading Web services and Dialog

Where the money is going

Academic libraries are funded to support the research and learning activities of their home institutions. As research and learning behaviors change so must they. A major issue for academic libraries in coming years is the increasing discrepancy between the needs of their faculty in science, technology and medicine and their ability to address such needs. … Continue reading Where the money is going

Dolorous Gorman

Students graduate from the successors to library schools without a basic education in the core skills that define an effective librarian – reference work, cataloguing, library instruction, collection development, etc. – and without a grounding in the basic values of our profession – service, intellectual freedom, stewardship, literacy, etc. This is a crisis that is … Continue reading Dolorous Gorman

Book Brother

Vote to evict a book at Book Brother. Part of a bigger initiative to encourage reading among young people,


I argued a while ago that libraries’ integration challenge was not so much to integrate information resources with each other as it was to integrate them with emerging user environments. Examples I gave were the campus portal and the learning management system. I have just got an email from a former colleague commenting on this: … Continue reading u-Portal

Library lookup and XISBN

Nice note on Jon Udell’s blog about XISBN: It actually sort of works, which says a lot for the flexibility of Web and XML technologies. But the big news here is OCLC’s decision to expose its grouping algorithm as a public XML Web service. I hope this signals the beginning of a closer relationship between … Continue reading Library lookup and XISBN

Union catalog of art images

A Mellon-funded project at UC San Diego to create a union catalog of art images. The intention is to explore its use for shared cataloging. I wonder how many images are held by multiple institutions? This phase is focused on the development of an underlying union database and the technical proof of concept for a … Continue reading Union catalog of art images

Dynix and web services

We use Web Services with our new Vendor Integration Protocol (VIP), through which acquisitions librarians can check book pricing and availability within a matter of seconds with their book jobber. Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Book Wholesalers, Inc., and Brodart all support the VIP protocol. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Literally any transaction … Continue reading Dynix and web services

Article on changes in scholarly communication

Suzanne E Thorin provides an

Recombinant libraries and special collections in ShelfLife

The October 16 issue of ShelfLife refers to my forthcoming article on portals (now on the website): This article explores the design and use of portals in a library environment. It discusses the motivations for building portals, it discusses portal architectures and typology, and it examines the user environment in which portals are being deployed. … Continue reading Recombinant libraries and special collections in ShelfLife