Find on a plane …

After many years of traveling without much incident I left a couple of things on planes recently. They never showed up, but It was a bit of a pain inquiring about them. It occurred to me that this was an application that lent itself to something of a crowdsourced approach, or at least to some … Continue reading Find on a plane …

Three sentences

I just spent a very congenial couple of days in Champaign, Illinois, at the Summer Institute for Humanities Data Curation. Here are some memorable sentences … Karen Wickett shared a very nice Rule in discussion: “I like to do favors for my future self”. I used this sentence of Geoff Bilder‘s in my presentation: “For … Continue reading Three sentences

Breakthrough ideas

The Harvard Business Review list of breakthrough ideas for 2009 had a few interesting entries. My favorite was the ‘IKEA Factor’ …. we do often see examples where folks are reluctant to let go of things they have invested time and resource in. Institutional memory goes digital Suppose every utterance and facial expression at a … Continue reading Breakthrough ideas


Apologies for any hiccups while we updated the blog software over the last few days. This blog runs on a local instance of Movable Type. As I suggested when talking about online identity the other day, I might have set it up on an externally hosted system if done today. However, there are now over … Continue reading Hiccups

QOTD: Innovation

A couple of sentences in Joseph Stiglitz’s Vanity Fair critique of economic and financial policy over recent years jumped out at me: But innovation, like “change,” has no inherent value. It can be bad … as well as good. [Joseph E Stiglitz on capitalist fools. Vanity Fair]

QOTD: Entering the Midwest via Columbus

I am en route back to Columbus, Ohio. I am now in Atlanta – nearly there! I have been reading Roads: driving America’s great highways by Larry McMurtry on the plane. I was interested to read the following on page 80: Accordingly I pulled across the Ohio River at Wheeling just as the rising sun … Continue reading QOTD: Entering the Midwest via Columbus

Flying and light posting

Posting will be light this week as I am attending the 2008 RLG European Partners meeting later in the week. I go to Paris via a meeting in Ottawa tomorrow ….. Too much flying I was traveling through National in Washington DC a while ago. I was tired. It was early in the morning and … Continue reading Flying and light posting

Starbucks and Arcadia

Posting has been light as I am in Cambridge (UK) this week. Some of the time I was talking with folks involved in the Arcadia Programme. This initiative is potentially important in that it provides some space for otherwise busy practitioners to do some thinking …. The Arcadia Programme is a three-year programme funded by … Continue reading Starbucks and Arcadia

Naming opportunities

[warning: retrospection ahead] In a longish and intermittently productive professional writing career, I have had lots of opportunities to come up with titles for publications. With variable results. Some I like. Full disclosure captured, I thought, the gist of the report to which it is attached [pdf]. This was a study into the extent of … Continue reading Naming opportunities

Power grab

Posting is light this week. We have been without power at home since the weekend as the remnants of Hurricane Ike passed through Ohio. I write blog posts in the morning between the children heading off to school and coming in to work, or in the evening. Not at the moment 😉 As I have … Continue reading Power grab