Discovery vs discoverability …

I have been interested in the different dynamics of the inside-out and outside-in library for a while (see here for example). One especially interesting characteristic is the quite different approach to discovery in each case, even though this distinction has not yet crystallized in clear service categories. I was struck by the distinction during a … Continue reading Discovery vs discoverability …

Making things of interest Discoverable, Referencable, Relatable, …

I came across the Ernest Hemingway phrase ‘gradually, then suddenly’ in an online discussion recently. Here is the context on the useful Goodreads quotable quote page. It seemed a statement appropriate to our times, and especially apt to a recent phenomenon: the growing importance of large-scale knowledge bases which collect data about entities and make … Continue reading Making things of interest Discoverable, Referencable, Relatable, …

Big data .. big trend

[I spoke at the Lita Top Technology Trends at Dallas. I had a trend in reserve – big data – but did not use it. Here is something along the lines of what I might have said …] Big Data is a big trend, but as with expressions for other newly forming areas, it may … Continue reading Big data .. big trend

Worldcat Identities Network: a ‘mashup’

There has been some nice reaction to the Worldcat Identities Network. The initial motivation for this was to put a graphic display of related Identities into an Identities page. This did not work out and we decided to make it available as a standalone app. The aim is to show how something could be built … Continue reading Worldcat Identities Network: a ‘mashup’

Advocacy: public library as amenity and necessity

Downward pressure on the cost of public services creates issues for public libraries. A growth in advocacy is a natural response, and this in turn creates pressing questions about value, and in particular about how different stakeholders potentially perceive value differently. Who one is addressing, and with what message, has become very important. These topics … Continue reading Advocacy: public library as amenity and necessity

The library network and the scholarly record

The library community is a highly interconnected one. Networks are motivated both by library mission and effective management of resources. This trend will accelerate as the Internet favors shared services, and libraries will see more benefit in building such shared services. The Hathi Trust is an important example. The growth of interest in sharing library … Continue reading The library network and the scholarly record

Managing down collections …

I was interested to read this from Karen Schneider a while ago: “Centralized mass storage for legacy print materials (paper-based books and journals) is by far the most under-observed trend in libraries today”. I agree, with the friendly qualification that the trend is about managing the relationship between local, mass storage and emerging digitised resources. … Continue reading Managing down collections …

Emerging network level management of the collective print collection

One of the recurrent themes in these pages is that systemwide coordination of print materials is necessary as libraries begin to retire collections – to offsite storage or removing them altogether. There are various drivers here: the demands on space, the emergence of a digital corpus, the cost of managing a resource that releases progressively … Continue reading Emerging network level management of the collective print collection

In the Twitter flow ..

One of the recurrent themes of this blog has been the work done by libraries to put more of their services in the flow of their users’ working, learning and research behaviors. In this context, I was pleased to see the work by my colleagues on implementing Worldcat searches in Twitter. Mike Teets provides fuller … Continue reading In the Twitter flow ..

Discovery layers – Top Tech Trends 2

[No 2 of 3. No 1 here.] I was pleased to participate in LITA’s Top Tech Trends panel at ALA this year (see the video and live coverage). We were each asked to talk about three trends: current, a bit further out, and a bit further out again. In thinking about the exercise, it seemed … Continue reading Discovery layers – Top Tech Trends 2